3 Foot Reflective Speed Hump

3 Foot Reflective Speed Hump-2

Rubber Speed Hump adapts to uneven surfaces.
a kinder, gentler traffic calming system.
Reduce speeds and alert motorists to potential hazards.
Ideal for residential streets.
Long-lasting and environmentally friendly.
The modular tongue and groove system can be configured to suit various street widths.
Easy installation and removal for storage and relocation.
End caps provide a safe and protective finish.
Highly visible and emergency vehicle-friendly.
All rubber construction with molded yellow rubber.
Free hardware included. Suitable for asphalt and concrete installation.
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Model No Part Length Width Height Weight
DH-SP-2M Middle 500mm 900mm 50mm 17kg
DH-SP-2E End Cap 250mm 900mm 50mm 6.5kg