2M Length Flexible Wall Protector

Rubber Wall Protector (1)

Flexible Wall Protector Made of Durable Rubber;
14 holes for expansive screws;
Embeded Bead Reflective Tape;
Fleixble Rubber for Both of Wall or Column;
they is for Furniture Corner Guards Soft Foam Bumper Cover Furniture Wall Edge Bumper Strip Corner Protecto

Flexible Wall Protector safe and economic protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses thereby reducing machine downtime and in some cases extending the life of the equipment itself. Flexible Wall Protector is produced from high-grade PP. The final product greater strength and durability along with smooth rounded edges, which are non-abrasive and easy to work with.

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Model No Length Width Height Weight Thickness Reflector Color
DH-EWP-2 2000mm 200mm 30mm 10.3kg 30mm Bead Tape Black
DH-EWP-3 2000mm 200mm 50mm 12kg 50mm Bead Tape Black