2 Foot Reflective Speed Bump

2Foot Reflective Speed Bump-2

The Road Breaker is made by high intensity rubber, the compressive property is good, and slope body has certain softness. Regardless of day or night had an extraordinary performance, the Reflective Speed Bump attracts drivers’ attention, to slowing down successfully.

Center sections fit together to span the width of any road;
Flat top for safe walking ;
Safe for emergency vehicles;
Skid resistant surface;
Encourages safe driving speeds;
High visibility
Speedy modular assembly saves on labor;
Can withstand truck traffic;
Embedded reflective tape;
Designed for high traffic volume;

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Model No Part Length Width Height Weight
DH-SP-1M Middle 500mm 600mm 32mm 9.5kg
DH-SP-1E End Cap 200mm 600mm 32mm 3.0kg