1.65Meter Plastic Wheel Stopper

1.65Meter Plastic Wheel Stopper (3)

Plastic wheel stopper designed to comply with AU /US standard and manufactured from high-tech Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) with sustainability in mind.The wheel stopper are light enough to be lifted and installed by one person minimising freight and installation costs,in order to protect most of new cars with low ground clearance.Protects physical assets preventing vehicles from coming into contact with them.

(1) Black color with yellow 10pcs Glass microbead reflective film
(2) Ideal for indoor and outdoor;
(3) Easy installation with Screw
(4) Strong Reflective at Night.

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Model No Length Width Height Weight Material
DH-IPB-6 1640mm 145mm 100mm 4.0kg PP