Surface Mounted SpringBack Guide Post

Flexible Guide Post-2

Compared with the traditional PVC material contour mark, SpringBack Guide Post use PE material blow molding process, which will not break after impact and Crushing, and can rebound quickly without affecting normal use;Two types of bases are available. The iron fixings can be buried in the ground, which is easy to install and use; The Molded Plastic base is fixed with special glue, which is suitable for Concrete ground;

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Model No Height Width Thickness Base Style Base Size Reflex Bearing Capacity
DH-DE-19A 105CM 11CM 130MM Dig-In Steel 33CM Deepth x 5Cm Width 3M HIP 20Tons at 100Km/H
DH-DE-19B 105CM 11CM 130MM Surface Mount 16CM x 11CM 3M HIP 20Tons at 100Km/H