Plastic ADA Wheelchair Ramp

ADA Wheelchair Ramp (3)

Wheelchair Ramp trunking wheelchair ramp BS-ADA-Ramp-1 is one of the latest traffic safety products, mainly used in factories, warehouses, parking lots and other places.

The ADA cable protector system is a best solution for cable and hose protection in road safety and other large-scale events.The AMS cable ramp and cable protection will be widely used in every area, Such as concerts.

The AMS Cable Protector System middle section made of durable rubber materials, end section made of durable PU materials.
High visibility & skid resistance LDPE yellow safety cover.
Wide-angle Skid resistance PU ramp makes it extremely convenience to handicapped people.
Loading capacity 20 ton.
The dimension can be unlimited increase by adding middle sections, assembling procedure is easy and simple.
Working Range: Performances areas and construction site, especially for the big events.

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Model No Length Width Height Weight Bearing Weight
BS-ADA-Ramp-1 93CM 30CM 7.5CM 10Kg 20 Tons Truck